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Ever since we got home and settled in, people have asked to see the apartment. It’s small and cozy, but it’s absolutely perfect for us and the season of life we are in. Our apartment is in the suburbs about an hour north of Downtown Chicago. It’s an incredible location and it’s quiet, but still close to everything we could possible need. There’s even a Trader Joes here. That still makes me happy.


There isn’t much natural light in our apartment, but I worked with what I had for these photos. Our entryway is simple.
And there’s my bookcase that my man had waiting for me when I moved in.


 Our main living space. Characterized by the following: Soft blankets. Comfy couch. Legos. Board games. TV. Work bench.



 Yes, we decorate with lightsabers.



 I love our kitchen. It’s small, but we still manage to find ways to cook together and that’s the best.


Our coffee station. Eventually I want to make a coffee cart, but floor space is too precious right now. For now we keep our keurig, espresso machine, and milk frother on the counter with our cappuccino cups and milk and sugar.


 My parents gave us a Vitamix. I’m still excited about it.



My Azure Sky KitchenAid Artisan Mixer was a gift from Austin’s family and I absolutely adore it. I had wanted a blue mixer for years for that “one day” when I have a home of my own. Now I have it and the color is gorgeous and perfect and I know that it’s going to be my baking companion for years to come.


I would be lying if I said that this was where we ate dinner. We don’t eat dinner here. We eat on the couch.


 We have Star Wars hand towels in our bathroom. #unashamed


 I have plans for the bedroom. Plans involving picture frames, a duvet, and lots more pillows. For now, though, I’m content with what we put together. I have a man who is patient enough to hang lights for me when I change my mind as he’s putting them up. Yep. He’s definitely a keeper.




So, here’s a little welcome to our corner and the place we currently call home. We’ll only be here for about a year, but I want to put down roots – even temporary ones – because life is too short to not invest where you are and to not live beautifully and to not love fully and to not eat ice cream every chance you get.

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  1. it’s so lovely, cassie! i have been loving the process of living our way into all the nooks and corners of our home, and it’s so fun to see you doing the same in yours. your decor is beautiful and quirky and you. and i agree 100% on your sentiments about ice cream. (although i will say that while we most definitely eat ice cream on the couch, we typically do eat dinner at the table. boring, i know.)

  2. me

    miss this place.
    but miss the residents, mostly.

    also the book shelf.

    and the ugly goslings outside.

    and being stuffed on a couch.

    maybe the nerf guns too.

  3. i’m dreading the day this kid is born and grows up enough that i actually have to, like, put dinner on the table and sit around it and have family dinners or something it’s going to be a trip. so. you’re not alone.

    also your house is adorable i love it can i come visit

    • kyla! oh, goodness, hello!
      note: if you eat dinner on the couch instead of the table you will officially be the coolest mom in the history of ever.
      and we high approve of house guests as long as they approve small spaces. ;)

  4. I love seeing how you’ve made the apartment into your home…you’ve done a great job…it’s very sweet and cozy. Reusing wedding decor was pure inspiration and came out so cute!

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