when it’s 100 days until your wedding


When it’s 100 days until your wedding, life looks like empty bookshelves and hand-written letters and cardboard boxes and red roses hanging upside down to dry.

It looks like chess sets and your wedding dress folded carefully waiting to be taken in.

It looks like skype dates and webcam tours of the apartment that will soon be yours.

It looks like 5am and running three miles in the cold winter morning.

100 days until your wedding sounds like beautiful “I love you”s spoken from 2,000 miles away.

It sounds like late-night laughter and discussing future plans and words from books being read out loud.

It sounds like the voices of little siblings saying “I’ll miss you” as they wrap their arms tightly around your neck.

It sounds like text tones and instant messages and cell phones ringing.

When it’s 100 days until your wedding, life feels like a jumble of puzzle pieces that don’t quite fit together and home is two vastly different places at the same time.

It feels like missing and expectation and excitement and security.

It feels like frustration at poor internet connections and thankfulness for good ones.

It feels like an in between place of knowing where you belong but not being there quite yet and the amazing rush of realization that thisisreallyhappening.

100 days before your wedding is surreal and scary and incredible and busy and quiet all at once. It’s wonderful, though. Even in the the unknowns and the changes and the craziness, knowing what’s ahead and knowing that God is orchestrating it all for His glory is so absolutely and unbelievably wonderful.

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  1. Anne

    So very excited for you, Cassie! Enjoy the last few months with your family – they will be precious memories for years to come. We can’t wait to come see you and Austin get married!! BTW, Rachel’s new last name has an “a” in the middle, instead of an “e”!!


  2. i remember this feeling, too. =] i remember a suffocating sense of ‘hang on to these memories because they are so short…’ and there is some value to that. but you and i, we can get so lost in trying to feel each moment and wrap it up and save it. so, if ever it gets to feeling like you’re drowning in moments and memories, just remember…it’s only going to get better and more special later, when you have time to breathe and just be. treasure these moments, but don’t cling to them to the point of being distracted from just living and enjoying this beautiful life. =] love you!

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