The Reunion of Awkwardness and Censorship

Well, after having talked with Mr. Rhoden, I pretty much glued myself to my phone and made sure it never went to silent until I got a call (or text) back. A few days later, I was able to talk to Cassie about a few things, and also how we wanted to approach the March gathering. We both agreed on two things- One, we weren’t calling it “courtship” out of anti-steriotypical desires… ;) Two, we needed to ask each other questions- lots of questions, both deep and light. I was so happy to finally have talked to her about this, and hear she was on the same page, we just didn’t really know what that page looked like in detail yet.

So March came, and apparently, jokes about flights being cancelled aren’t funny to certain female nuts… Mom and I thought it was though. I still say it was a great prank. Anyway… yes. We arrived and had an amazing time. There was Disneyland, Hikes to dead waterfalls, Shuttle visits, late nights of movies and games, frozen yogurt, Bonfires on the beach, and more. We packed so much into that trip… no wonder we were tired all the time. It was worth it though. Way worth it.

One thing we made sure to let the other people in the trail mix know is we wanted teasing to be kept to a minimum. Well, at least with discernment… Drew and Naomi had a heyday though, still being just good friends, and just saying “Censor” every time a teasing thought popped into their head. They said “Censor” a lot, and in the given context… we all usually figured out what they meant. It was awkward, yet at the same time, good to have friends around to laugh about it. Cassie and I were still trying to figure out what exactly this “thing” we were pursuing was, and I was so thankful that our best friends were around to help us joke our way through parts of it.

It was weird, in a sense in interacting with Cassie, that things were changing in some ways, and in others not at all. Things different like monitored texting, which made sense. And things same like still teasing each other and having movie Quote-offs. With this new dynamic, it was quite simply, awkward in the sense we didn’t know what exactly we were doing, nor what we were supposed to do. I was under the impression that Mr. Rhoden would give a plan and guidelines laid out for us, then learned he wanted me to guide the process. Talk about uncomfortable and unknown territory for me. *gulp*

In that week, we were able to talk about in a more private setting with Cassie’s parents. Expectations were discussed, roles of responsibility were clarified, and super awkward questions asked by Mr. Rhoden. Looking back, those questions were a great thing to talk about early on- rather than later. However, then, they were not really appreciated by myself… because I hadn’t planned for them. And you know me, I like to plan things. :P

Anyway, the few conversations we had were very formal. Not in a sense of Cassie’s dad controlling the discussion, because it seemed he was very intentional not to do so, but formal in the aspect of virtually no emotional involvement. On my side anyway. It was question, answer, question, answer. Back and forth and back and forth on so many different things crucial to how we live and what we believe. I appreciated this, as it made sense to me. And by the end of the week, we had some semblance of idea of how this “Long Distance Getting To Know You In A More Intentional Way” (catchy, isn’t it?) relationship was going to work. And realizing… Hey, it just might.

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