Summer of Skype & Chikin’

Ever had that “After Camp” experience? You know what I’m talking about? That feeling of “Blah” after a week of being at an awesome place. Whether that be a Summer Camp… TeenPact… friends visiting… a gathering…. I think you know what I am talking about. Well, all four of us has that “Blah” feeling after the week in Virginia. Drew and I went straight off to TeenPact for a week right after the gathering, so we stayed busy and had a great time working with others there. Deep down though, I know he and I both missed those two other nuts immensely. It wasn’t a painful missing, but rather just a “These people are so cool, and I don’t know when/if ever we will see them in person again.” Cassie and Naomi had grown to be among my closest friends, right alongside with two other people I had grown up and shared life with. What I found incredible, was how that happened over… Internet chats and G+ hangouts? Really?

Weirder things have happened I guess.

So after TeenPact, Drew and Cassie were still mopey from Virginia. Naomi might have been too, but she didn’t show it. Regardless, I decided that in order to stop this mopey behavior, another gathering was in order. After talking to mom and dad about it, we decided that we would host a gathering at our new house in the country. We were moving at the time, and building an extension on the side of the house. Looking back, it was ridiculous what was accomplished over the summer in terms of preparation, since we had a deadline of October and 20ish students coming, it tends to speed things along.

With another meeting planned out, everyone cheered up a bit, and we continued with our summer over Skype. The dynamic of conversations were changing. Drew and everyone was moving out to the farm, I was working full time at Chick-fil-A, Cassie had graduated and was doing tutoring, and Naomi was doing her best to finish the last of her coursework before tuition ran out. We did not talk as much, but still made time to do so. Something which was weighing on my mind was “Where am I going with the CFA thing and career?” we all were kinda thinking about our personal long term futures. We talked for hours about future decisions, sharing concerns, venting about things, or communicating our dreams.

We would also stay up late into the night trying to find topics upon which we disagreed. Theology, Media, Sports, Family life, etc… We agreed with each other in so many areas, we made it a game to find something to argue about. Rarely did a disagreement happen, but when it did, we hashed it out through teasing and poking fun at each other. We celebrated our differences just as much as our similarities, which further aided our no mask policy. We had no need to feel like we needed to be someone else to avoid shunning, which was simply great too.

Coming back to the Chikin’ thing, through the course of the summer, the current Interim Manager of the Corporate store had asked me if I was interested in store ownership out of the blue a few months into his assignment. I honestly had never considered that before, but told him I would think about the idea and let him know if I had any questions. I spent hours praying, doing research, and seeking counsel in making a decision which was in line with how I wanted to serve Christ through my career. Ultimately, my goal was to provide a place of development and growth for young workers, and also to be able to serve the people who buy my products. Chick-fil-A not only offers that, but it is the heart of their business. I remember the great counsel I got from my parents, and my best friends, nuts included. Their input in addition to everything else helped me make a decision with perfect peace and confidence. By the time October rolled around, I knew that this was the path I was going to take in regards to my career.

I just did not know what that path would look like, nor how quickly those paths can lead places you’d never think they would go.

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