our story


Everyone has a story. And even the most ordinary every-day stories are full of unexpected blessings. Even the boring stories have adventures woven throughout. It is because of this that we believe every story is worth sharing and that’s why we wrote The Story of Us and are sharing it with all of you.

Austin’s Story:
Of Forums, Friendships, and Firsts
Gathering in Old Dominion (Part 1)
Gathering In Old Dominion (Part 2)
Summer of Skype & Chikin’
Playing the Host
The Empire of Moderators
A Wake-Up Call
Making the Call
The Reunion of Awkwardness and Censorship
Summertime Visitors
Hunting for Round Things

Cassandra’s Story:
A Long Time Ago in a Forum Not-So-Far-Away…
Let’s Avoid Drama, Shall We?
In Which Things Actually Start Happening
Acorns, Cashews, and Almonds
Of Eighteen, Moderating, and Casablanca
The Week That Was Virginia
Days of Transition
Changes in Illinois
A Very Important Phone Call (aka The Beginning of Us)
Awkwardness at Disneyland and Ukuleles at the Beach
Unsure and Insecure
He Asked…
While We Were Engaged