Of Forums, Friendships, and Firsts

Can’t say I’ve ever seen a guy blog his end of the story. In this area or topic anyway. I feel like I’m exploring new territory. I also know, based on several conversations I’ve already had with some dudes. Whether we guys care to admit it or not, we secretly desire to hear that other side. It being such a commonly made gushy time though, no wonder many, like me, keep their distance. So here’s to the other side of the story, whatever worth there is in it. Maybe, or rather, hopefully, it will be more beneficial rather than detrimental. In either case, let’s begin.

Quick Disclaimer. My timeline in not quite as precise as Cassie’s… so if they conflict- trust hers. :P


Never in a million years did I imagine the CollegePlus forums impacting my life in so many ways. Real quick- if you don’t know what CollegePlus is… To put it simply, it is a service based company that aids you in completing a distance learning degree. I originally joined because a good friend of mine said I should, because there were mature young people there I would get along with. So I hopped on, got a new user profile, and began posting. That was in October 2010. I observed a lot of things. There was presidential campaigns to help lead forum direction and set standards of behavior… There were debate junkies… Game time players… and Chat stalkers…

So, little by little I got to know some of the members, both guy and gal. I grew to lean towards the more serious area of the forums, as they provided an intellectual exercise in the debate hall, and sharing of ideas in Serious parts. I shared the passion of my Saber-building Business, shared quotes, advice, thoughts, and more. Friendships developed and a pattern of getting on once a day developed as I worked through my degree.

First(ish) Impressions

Enter one day when I was checking out the local blogging thread, you know, that place where e’ryone can post their own shameless plugs about where their blog is. Then everyone follows everyone… making everyone feel important. Yup, guilty as charged. Anyway. That place is where I was browsing, and I’m clicking through all the blogs. In my perusal, I noticed one girl had R2-D2 in her header pic. Well, that was shocking to me, considering most girls I knew lacked proper appreciation for the Sci-Fi arts. So of course, I commend her in the having of such a pic in her header.

We went back and forth in a few posts about Star Wars stuff, she shared another post she had about visiting a Star Wars Exhibit… and that was about all the thought I gave to the discussion. That, and I pegged her as “potentially cool” (yeah… I label everyone in my mind), and went on my merry way. A couple months later, I had helped organized a newsletter for the forums, and somehow this same girl, Cassie became the editor. I was impressed at how organized she was in getting people all across the country to submit articles of all kinds of topics. I noted her now as “organized with good taste”, but didn’t give much thought to her other than she was very easy to work with, and I appreciated her maturity in communications that I had observed.

I decided to run for Forum Presidency with my brother in July of 2012. After carefully observing many members, I asked Six- five girls and one guy- to help me out in my campaign. Cassie, I asked to be the chairwoman, because she was good at organizing people. Another I asked to keep things fun… another random.. another for studying… as so forth and so on. Interesting mix thrown in though- I was in Australia for the summer. So… The campaign team basically ran the thing. They were impressive to say the least. Two girls in particular caught my attention though while talking in Skype- Cassie and Naomi. We would talk for hours as friends trying to find things to disagree upon, sharing day experiences, etc. I had many close friends who were girls at the time, and so I didn’t consider either of them more than just really cool people with like tastes and good personalities.

Firm Friendship

Through the course of the summer, when I went to Australia, I sent an email to dozens of people in the local homeschool group I attended, to some TeenPacters I kept in touch with, and some C+ers I knew too. The email just let them know I was going to be gone, and keeping everyone updated through my blog. Cassie was in that massive email, and emailed me back wanting to know about my first name for some weird reason. A couple responses later I was in a massive email chain, as I had been with many other friends. I enjoyed emailing her, and considered it just another cool person I had gotten to know through good conversation. This continued all through and past the Australia trip, and well into next year.

I remember I woke up one day around the time of the elections, got on my computer, and found a separate Skype room made for just Cassie, Naomi, and I. My first thought was “UhOh. I gotta get another dude in here.” Cautiously, I kept talking to them each day, careful not to lead on in anyway that we were anything more than friends. We had a great thing, the three of us, then four when Drew got added. Acquaintances growing into friends, and then friends growing to a point where we trusted each other implicitly. We would share our burdens, our struggles, our hopes, our dreams, our failures, and our successes. We shared our lives with each other, all under the perfect harmonious umbrella of being brothers and sisters in Christ. By the end of the year, we were best friends in every sense of the word. Nothing more, nothing less, and it was awesome.

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  1. Cheryl Rhoden

    I’m loving this blog and look forward to more of your ‘boring adventures’ together.

    I also want a “Light Sabre’ because I’m a Star Wars fan too. I will be your Grandmother in-law.. it is the least you can do.

    Love to you and Cassie, Mumps

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