illinois reception

Harrison Reception-27

Not long after our honeymoon, Austin’s family threw us a reception at their farm in Illinois. Because our wedding was in California, most of Austin’s people weren’t able to attend. This reception was the perfect opportunity to celebrate with his family and friends. (Photos in this post are credited to  Katie Santarelli at Katie-Did Photography)

Harrison Reception-36

Harrison Reception-12

We had an ice cream bar. Be still my heart.

Harrison Reception-7

Harrison Reception-9

Harrison Reception-6

Harrison Reception-1

Harrison Reception-16

We loved our wedding atlas guestbook so much, we used the same one for this reception. And, goodness knows, there’s still plenty of room to collect more messages over the years. If you come and visit our apartment, it’s almost guaranteed that we’ll ask you to sign the guestbook. and, if we don’t… just ask. We plan to be collecting messages in our atlas for the rest of our lives.

Harrison Reception-30

Harrison Reception-14

Harrison Reception-11

Harrison Reception-18

 Testing out the photo booth…

Harrison Reception-40

Harrison Reception-44

Harrison Reception-32

 These cuties. Gosh.

Harrison Reception-24

Harrison Reception-23

Harrison Reception-46

Harrison Reception-47

Harrison Reception-48

Harrison Reception-52

 See this? My people from California (and Naomi too) traveled to Illinois for the party. They’re the best.

Harrison Reception-54

Harrison Reception-61

Harrison Reception-55

Harrison Reception-58

Harrison Reception-64

Harrison Reception-71

Harrison Reception-73

 Once it got dark and everything was illuminated by twinkling lights, there was swing dancing.

Harrison Reception-78

Harrison Reception-77

Harrison Reception-82

We played Tangled for the kids.
(Well, not just for the kids. If I hadn’t been busy meeting and mingling, I totally would have watched it too. Kids totally have more fun.)

Harrison Reception-69

Harrison Reception-79

Harrison Reception-81

Harrison Reception-86

I met so many new people that night and was welcomed into the Harrison family with dozens of open arms. Austin’s family had worked tirelessly on everything and their efforts paid off. It was a magical night and so full of love and laughter and I could not have asked for a more perfect way to celebrate our wedding in Illinois.

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