Hunting for Round Things

Well, The Rhodens left, and I was a little preoccupied to say the least.

With what? I’m sure you can imagine. Mainly, finding a round thing people like to call an engagement ring. I’m (more than) a little OCD, and OCD I did on this ring. I did research upon research on diamonds, gold types, what Carats were, what were good diamonds… the lot of everything. Guys, take notes, because I’m about to give you the low down on what you need to know about Diamonds. All this can be found through google, of course, but here is my small contribution to that world.

Essentially, Diamonds are graded a lot like any other collectible item. They have their terms, their scales, and it is up to the buyer to determine what quality they can afford in their budget. Oh- have a budget. Helps a lot. Anyway, here we go. Diamonds are graded on their Cut, Clarity, Color, and Carat (weight/size). Of all of these, honestly, the color is the most important. The better color you have, the better the diamonds sparkles (since all cuts are pretty much the same these days). So if you are going to look for a good grade in particular… look for a colorless/near colorless in the Carat you can afford.

Granted, the above information is summarized hugely from all the available information, but looking back, that was what I found most useful. That, and make sure the diamond is in fact, graded. With this, and much more research under my belt, I took mom and we went shopping. I was shopping for an engagement ring. Talk about kinda surreal. We went to one store, was disappointed by the overpricedness and lack of clear answers… Then went to another store, Jared, and was able to find what I considered the “perfect” ring. I was hesitant to go to a big chain store for an item such as this, but it turned out to be a great decision, as the bigger stores have better value, and more selection.

All this to say, take your time when hunting for a ring, bring along your mom if possible- she is an excellent second opinion you can trust, and have fun with it. You only do this once guys, so interact with the sales people and enjoy the experience. A little patience, hunting, and knowing in your gut when to say “that’s the one” will bag you a ring that will not only be treasured by your fiancé, but earn silent nods of approval from your fellow comrades who’ve been there, and done that.


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