Gathering In Old Dominion (Part 1)

Around the first of the year, we had decided in our little corner of Skype that we needed to meet each other. For serious. However, there was this problem of us being two guys, and two girls. We joked with each other continuously about how Cassie and Naomi would show up randomly in front of our house and how we’d react. We were just looking for some kind of excuse, so we turned to the forums, and looked at Gatherings.

For those who don’t know, The CollegePlus Forums created this thing called a “gathering”. See, when people get to become friends online, like we did, they generally want to see said persons face to face. So, what one would do is invite said friends, and many other to their home to hang out for a week, see the sights, and just enjoy each other’s fellowship. Pretty cool right? Well, to be honest, I thought it was kinda weird when I first joined. A bunch of strangers meeting together and hanging out for a week? Why would you spend time and money doing that? (that’s the introvert in me) I quickly learned though, that these weren’t strangers, they were people like us, just wanting to meet and further that friendship, and creating a venue to do that. So, do that we did.

It just so happened, coincidentally of course,  at that time there was a family in Virginia hosting a week long gathering that fit pretty much perfectly into our schedules. I could get off work, it was right before TeenPact Drew and I were to attend, Naomi had the availability too, and Cassie’s family knew the hosts, so she would be allowed to go because of that. Many nights were spent wondering if we were actually going to make it happen. Incredibly though, happened it did.

I suppose this is the part where I should go on and on about the “magical” first meetings. Well folks, gotta say it wasn’t anything of the sort. It just happened. Naomi arrived first, and when we arrived, we said our “hi’s” and such, then Drew and I being the guys we are, promptly ran off to play frisbee. To her credit, Naomi played a while too, but eventually left the circle of disk throwing for some reason… ;)

Cassie and her dad arrived later, around suppertime if I recall correctly. Again, we said our quick “hi’s” and while Cassie was swarmed by other folks who knew her, I spent a good while talking to Mr. Rhoden about old cars, restorations, and other cool stuff like that because I knew he had an old Scout he was working on. It is hard to find other people these days who properly appreciate older cars and the art of restoration… Anyway, I digress.

We played Settlers of Catan that night, and the week went from there. It was one of the most memorable weeks in my life, one of which deserves another post, which should be coming soon…

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