change of season

2015 11 autumn


It’s been a busy season for us. We’ve both been working six days a week and learning through experience that sometimes being an adult is just plain hard. It’s a season though. This has been a season of learning how to manage our time and our finances and make plans while everything is up-in-the-air and our future is uncertain. Then to have those plans changed and realize that God knows what He’s doing and there is a reason for everything. A few days ago, we took the time to go to our favorite local coffee spot to have devotions and make our to-do lists and it was a quiet reminder that, when you’re busy, sometimes a quiet moment is what you need. It centers you and grounds you and allows you to know who you are when you’re in the world, once again, facing the things you can’t control. We’re settling into our home as autumn ends and winter begins. Autumn was a busy time with a lot of uncertainties and, to be completely honest, some disappointments. We’re looking forward to winter, though. A winter of knowing where home is and getting to see our families and put down our roots in the Chicago area for a while longer. Autumn was a time of incredible growth for both of us and we felt those growing pains. We’ve come out of it stronger, though, and more resilient, and ready to face whatever winter has in store.