Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Christmas Card 2015

A bit late because, when we ordered prints, they didn’t turn out right and then computers were left at home when we traveled to California for Christmas. Anyway, here it is. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Harrisons! May 2016 be full of grace and blessings.

change of season

2015 11 autumn


It’s been a busy season for us. We’ve both been working six days a week and learning through experience that sometimes being an adult is just plain hard. It’s a season though. This has been a season of learning how to manage our time and our finances and make plans while everything is up-in-the-air and our future is uncertain. Then to have those plans changed and realize that God knows what He’s doing and there is a reason for everything. A few days ago, we took the time to go to our favorite local coffee spot to have devotions and make our to-do lists and it was a quiet reminder that, when you’re busy, sometimes a quiet moment is what you need. It centers you and grounds you and allows you to know who you are when you’re in the world, once again, facing the things you can’t control. We’re settling into our home as autumn ends and winter begins. Autumn was a busy time with a lot of uncertainties and, to be completely honest, some disappointments. We’re looking forward to winter, though. A winter of knowing where home is and getting to see our families and put down our roots in the Chicago area for a while longer. Autumn was a time of incredible growth for both of us and we felt those growing pains. We’ve come out of it stronger, though, and more resilient, and ready to face whatever winter has in store.

summer days


 It’s been a remarkable summer so far.



















Our first summer together has been wonderful. I got a job at a local theatre as a Box Office Concierge / Administrative Assistant and it is absolutely perfect. God provided the opportunity right when I was ready to stop my search and everything fell into place in a way that I know it was Him orchestrating it and not me. I’ve gotten to work during rehearsals, shows, tech weeks, independent film festivals, and more. I love it. And the theatre is close enough to our apartment so I’ve been able to ride my bike to work and that has made me so incredibly happy.

In other regards, we love being married and we’ve spent our free time together riding our bikes to the library to borrow movies, exploring Downtown Chicago, drinking espresso, cooking, baking, swimming in the apartment pool and getting frozen yogurt after, traveling to friends’ wedding, riding the train, and watching Big Bang Theory. For Austin’s birthday, I surprised him with tickets to a Cardinals vs. Cubs baseball game. Naomi and Drew visited us and we ate pizza and played chess and walked around the city. Taste of Chicago was a crazy unforgettable experience. I’ve been running a lot to train for my half marathon that’s coming up in September. My weekend long runs have reached eight miles and I am just amazed by how far I’ve come and am excited about how much further I still need to go. (13.1 here I come!)

Long story short, life is good and we’re really happy. (Living with Austin the best) Our summer has been full of all sorts of adventures so far and the next few months are looking to be just as exciting as the past ones have been. Married life just keeps getting better and that’s an all-around amazing thing.

one month

Austin and Cassie Wedding 659

It’s been a month since the wedding. One crazy beautiful month. In the midst of traveling and moving and unpacking and new schedules and a new life, marriage has been treating us well. It’s been a month of road trips and brownies and flowers and movie nights and apartment picnics and thunderstorms and seeing family and friends. I know that people are eagerly awaiting the post about the wedding and I promise that it is coming soon. It’s currently a work-in-progress, so be sure and watch for it this week. I guarantee that it will include far too many photos and an abundance of happy memories. Until then!

Mrs. Harrison